Smokes in the Theatre

Q&A   I'm a student of English in Dublin! I suffer from depression, so this blog for me is about letting out the GOOD and the POSITIVE, as well as the bizarre and amusing.

The title of this blog comes from the song "Ciggarettes in the Theatre" by Two Door Cinema Club.




carpe diem - seize the day

carpe noctem - seize the night

carpe natem - seize the ass

Seriously, if you guys don’t stop reblogging this I am going to carpe someone’s neck and break it.

carpe collum - seize the neck

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I love the earthy colors in this outfit, but I didn’t really have anywhere to wear it so pictures will do.
Also the manager of the local sushi place was so impressed with my shitty japanese that he gave me his number, that made my day lol.


Is this not a cosplay!!??? Incredible accidental cosplay

What the heck, you are totally… KHALEEEEEESI!

Genuinely thought this was a really cute Dany cosplay

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Sharpay Evans is my fave because I love how she struts around the school like she owns it and is convinced she’s the most popular girl in school but she’s really just a huge theatre geek I totally feel that

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this vine is better than all of paranormal activity

too much can happen in six seconds. we have gone too far.

how long did it take you to notice the second dude from the right licking the other guy’s shoulder

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this was the best opening scene to a movie I have ever seen

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good luck

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